Richard Sorce




It’s in the trees,

Among the bees,

If you just listen

You will hear it in the breeze,

It’s always free,

It’s ours to keep,

A song for you and me.


If you look high,

High in the sky,

You’re always welcome to their music as they fly,

From north to south,

Or east to west,

With sounds you won’t forget.


These are the voices we’ve come to know,

When we’re alone,

When all is still,

These are the voices heard in the wind;

They’re everywhere.


Listen each moment to every sound,

All through each day,

And through the night,

This music’s free,

It’s for all to hear;

It’s everywhere


There’s no screaming crowd,

No fancy show,

No one to cheer them,

This is music from the earth for you


Those melodies,

Most would agree,

Are simply wonderful just unaccompanied,

Those messengers,

In their own words,

Will bring you and peace.


© 2017 Richard Sorce, Sorce Tones Music, ASCAP