Richard Sorce

"Let Me"

“Let Me”                 


I know you caught my eye,

Like day light in the night,

And you won’t walk away,

You’ll know this is no game.


You can’t tell me you don’t care about this situation,

You can’t even seem to look away.

I know you know this is fate,

It’s just the way things happen,

When they’re meant to be,

They’re simply meant to be.


So, Let Me near you, Let Me know you,

Let Me say what I’ve been thinking,

Let Me tell you what you what you make me feel,

Let Me hear you,

Let Me hold you,

Let Me find you when you’re lonely,

Let Me let us be all we can be.


Let’s end this foolish game,

Let’s go and light this flame,

Some feelings, one can’t fight,

No way, no reason why.


Don’t pretend to look away as if you think that I won’t notice,

You can’t fool me even if you try.

I can tell you that it’s useless,

And I hope within a minute,

You’ll be standing right here by my side.


You know time won’t wait for those who hesitate,

And if it did it still might be too late.


© 2016 Richard Sorce, Sorce Tones Music, ASCAP